International Conference On Materials for Energy Applications (ICME2018)
The international conference on Materials for Energy Applications will be held at S S Jain Subodh P.G. (Autonomous) College in Jaipur, India on 6-8 December 2018. The interdisciplinary conference will promote and enhance excellence of materials for energy applications.
Jaipur-India / 6-8 December 2018
Subodh College
7th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference
7th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference (IHFC)-2018 is being held during December 9-11th, 2018 at Fairfield Mariott Jodhpur, India. The conference is organized by Hydrogen Association of India (HAI) with support from the International Association of Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), USA. The event will focus on building partnerships for a sustainable hydrogen energy economy. For more information please contact organizing secretary Alok Sharma at

Jodhpur-India / 9 - 11 December 2018
Fairfield Mariott
Twelfth International Symposium on Advances in Electrochemical Science and Technology
The Society for Advancement of Electrochemical Science and Technology (SAEST) is a professional body of electrochemists and electrochemical engineers engaged in research and teaching in India. The symposium will provide a forum for researchers from industries, institutions and academia from across the world to meet and exchange ideas and research experience. More information can be found here.
Chennai-India / 8-10 January 2019
Hotel Trident
1st Int'l Conference on Smart Innovation, Ergonomics and Applied Human Factors
The 1st edition of SEAHF conference targets different scientific fields and invites academics, researchers and educators to share innovative ideas and expose their works in the presence of experts from all over the world. SEAHF focuses on original research and practice-driven applications. It provides a common linkage between a vibrant scientific and research community and industry professionals by offering a clear view on modern problems and challenges in information technology. SEAHF offers a balance between innovative industrial approaches and original research work while keeping the readers informed of the security techniques, approaches, applications and new technologies.

Madrid-Spain / 22-24 January 2019
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
9th Energy Storage 2019 Conference

The conference will bring together senior representatives from European energy suppliers, developers of storage technologies and suppliers energy storage services, policy regulators and industry associations, market analysts and consultants, research organizations and institutes, distributions network and transmission service operators, financial investments companies and governmental representatives.

Brussels-Belgium / 23-24 January 2019
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit

The two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from all facets of the hydrogen industry to discuss the required economical and infrastructural innovations for a sustainable future energy carrier. The key discussions will involve monetisation, latest technologies implementations, material optimisation, production and transportation.

Madrid-Spain / 6-7 February 2019
2nd International Conference On Sustainable Environment and Energy
ICSEE-19 aims to be a common platform for the Scholars, Scientists, Academicians and Industrial persons who are actively involved in the promotion and execution of research in the field of sustainable environment and energy.
Padur-India / 21-22 February 2019 2019
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
International School Progress in Hydrogen Safety

The international School Progress in Hydrogen Safety will be hosted by Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Research (HySAFER), Ulster University. The main focus of the International School "Progress in Hydrogen Safety" is to provide high quality state-of-the-art presentations, including the HYLANTIC project results, in hydrogen safety for professionals, researchers and students.

Belfast-United Kingdom / 11-15 March 2019
Ulster University
7th International Conference on Fuels, Combustion, Engines and Fire
The main aim of the conference will be to point out on Fuels, Combustion, Engines and Fire Science and Technologies current state of knowledge and perspectives.

Antalya-Turkey / 10-12 March 2019
The 10th International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC2019)

The International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC) provides a forum for researchers, academicians, scientists and industrial professionals around the world on recent developments in the fields of renewable energy. The congress consists of keynotes, oral sessions and poster presentations. Considered as a catalyst for research works, the IREC publishes the best presented papers in partner journals.

Sousse-Tunisia / 26-28 March 2019
Iberostar Kantaoui Bay
TMREES19 Int'l Conference
The Conference Series of Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability (TMREES) has a main objective to promote sustainable, healthy and diverse ecosystems; encourage and support the national energy security systems through development of green-based and renewable resources and processes, bringing together participants from international research centers, universities, industry and administrative organizations around the world to exchange innovative and novel ideas, explore enabling technologies, share field trial experiences in sustainability issues and to open a new window on the circumstances of the classical energy sources and their harmful impact on the society.

Beirut-Lebanon / 10-12 April 2019
Hypothesis XIV - 14th HYdrogen POwer THeoretical and Engineering Solutions International Symposium
Hypothesis logo
HYPOTHESIS conferences provide a forum where representatives from industry, public laboratories, universities and government agencies can meet together, discuss and show to the scientific and social communities the most recent advances in hydrogen and renewables based technologies, safety, regulations and policies.

Itaipu-Brazil / 22-24 April 2019
Itaipu Technological Park Convention Center
8th Global Conference on Global Warming
GCGW-2019 will include plenary sessions, keynote lectures, and several specialized sessions on several topics from different disciplines related to Energy, Environment, and Materials. This conference will provide a forum for the exchange of technical information, dissemination of high-quality research results, and presentation of new policies and scientific progress for enhancing sustainable development and energy security. 

Doha-Qatar / 22-25 April 2019
Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel
10th International Conference on Hydrogen Production
ICH2P-2019 is a multi–disciplinary international conference on the production of hydrogen through various thermal, chemical, biological and other methods, as well as its use in various systems, including fuel cells. It will provide a forum for the exchange of latest advances and technical information, dissemination of new research developments in the areas of hydrogen production and usage, and debate involving the future directions and priorities in the hydrogen economy for a sustainable future.

Cluj-Napoca-Romania / 15-17 May 2019
Grand Hotel Italia
f-cell The Impulse Summit
International renowned specialists discuss questions with hydrogen and fuel cells as a game changer. Valuable knowledge from the world-wide best practices will be provided in main application areas: Hydrogen Storage, Ships and Port requirements, Power-to-Gas and heavy duty vehicles.

Vancouver-Canada / 22-23 May 2019
Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel
Part-time Postgraduate Short Courses and CPD
These short courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of hydrogen safety engineering and technologies, developing your ability to deal with complex safety problems. The programmes are ideal for anyone involved in the safety of hydrogen systems and infrastructure, including its production, storage, transportation and use, and the safety training of personnel. Program brochure can be found
Belfast-United Kingdom / Fall 2019
Ulster University

The conference is designed to encourage extended free discussion of current results and ongoing related research in functional materials and devices.

Penang-Malaysia / 17-21 June 2019
Rainbow Paradise Hotel
10th International Conference - Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability
This meeting will provide a forum for discussions of previous, present, and future research on photosynthesis and hydrogen energy, from molecular to global, and will provide an exciting scientific program, which will cover the breadth and depth of photosynthesis and hydrogen energy, and to meet researchers of photosynthesis and hydrogen energy from around the world.
St. Petersburg-Russia / 23-28 June 2019
Energy Security and Chemical Engineering Congress (ESChE) 2019
Energy Security and Chemical Engineering Congress (ESChE) 2019 is organized by Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Fluid Flow (CARIFF), Universiti Malaysia Pahang. ESChE 2019 with the theme "Empowering Growth in Sustainable Energy" aims to provide a platform to discuss ideas and latest research findings especially in Energy, Environment and Chemical Engineering fields.

Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia / 17-19 July 2019
11th International Exergy, Energy, and Enviroment Symposium (IEEES - 11)
The 11 International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium (IEEES-11) is an initiative aimed at bringing together the academicians, researchers, scientists, technocrats and practicing engineers in the eld. As a conuence of many disciplines, this International Symposium/Conference serves as a forum that promulgates ideas, experience, and knowledge of the fellow researchers and engineers working on sustainable energy systems across the globe.
Chennai-India / 14-18 July 2019
SRM Institute of Science & Technology
Advanced Energy Materials 2019

Advanced energy materials conference is an international conference focusing on topics including hydrogen energy, advanced energy materials, advanced nano energy materials and many more. See conference website for details.  

Guildford-England / 11 - 13 September 2019
University of Surrey
XXIV International Symposium on Combustion Processes
The XXIV International Symposium on Combustion Processes will provide a platform to discuss topics including combustion technologies, generation, storage and utilization of hydrogen.
Wrocław-Poland / 23-25 September 2019
Wrocław University of Technology
18th International Conference on Clean Energy

ICCE2020 is a platform for university researchers, policy makers and industry players to share their aspiration towards a sustainable and clean energy system. This conference is aimed at promoting clean energy for better social and economics returns. Collaboration between interested parties is expected to boost further realization of clean energy utilization in the near future.

Kuching, Sarawak-Malaysia / 10-14 August 2020
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Hydrogen Energy Technologies
T. Nejat Veziroglu and Frano Barbir
30 $

UNIDO Emerging Technologies Series, UNIDO, Vienna, 1998.
21 cm X 30 cm, 122 pages, Paper Cover, Price $30.00.
Price $30.00 per copy (postage and handling included).
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Only English version of this book is available for sale online. For other languages please contact local publishers. 

Hydrogen Energy Technologies
T. Nejat Veziroglu and Frano Barbir
30 $

UNIDO Emerging Technologies Series, UNIDO, Vienna, 1998.
21 cm X 30 cm, 122 pages, Paper Cover, Price $30.00.
Price $30.00 per copy (postage and handling included).
IAHE Members and Booksellers receive a discount of 30%

Only English version of this book is available for sale online. For other languages please contact local publishers. 

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